Three times in my life I chose to liquidate my 401K to "grab cash" for different purposes, most recently to liquidate loans I had taken for my kid's college. As such, my Master Plan was to find a funding vehicle that would replace the earnings I would have realized from this or any other form of pension.

Perhaps you can relate?  We make decisions as-we-go through life.  In my case, each time I was staring at $30-40K and saying to myself, "Even with the stiff penalties, that money would be better used in other ways.  So, I pulled the trigger.

I now use a funding vehicle that replaces this "loss" - that gives me a consistent, monthly income.  I am not "retired" per se, however, I no longer need to go somewhere and punch a clock or show up to receive a check.  So, in that sense, I am retired.

Thing is, I can help you do the same.  Let's talk.  Let's see if what I do can work for you.


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