Medical Hardship Funds

    Looking to raise significant funds to help my older sister who currently resides in a local rehab facility after suffering a massive stroke 5 years ago.


My older sister suffered a massive stroke 5 years ago. She currently resides in a local rehab facility. She is

permanently paralyzed on her left side and will most likely never get to leave this facility because she basically

needs care 24x7. Her monthly living expense for the room and round the clock care are $6,000 not including significant

other medical bills that have accumulated over those 5 years. I look forward to building my Impact101 team to help

pay for these expenses. I truly wish to thank the amazing team that has put this fund raising program together to help

humanity. Once the donations come in and I continue to donate, my long term goal is to help many others in need.

Best of luck to all the members and to the admin and support teams that have made this dream possible for me and 

many others globally.

Tom Donovan


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