1. QRGL Marketing Inc. neither endorses nor warrants any campaigns being conducted on its Impact101 platform. 

2. QRGL Marketing Inc. provides Impact101 as an administrative platform only and its sole purpose is to facilitate donation transactions between campaign organizers and donors. 

3. Campaign organizers are solely responsible for their respective campaign’s success. In addition, they must warrant that the donations contributed to their campaigns will be used for their stated purpose and that they are compliant with any taxations laws in their local jurisdiction.

4. Campaign donors are responsible for their own due diligence about any campaign they associate with or contribute to.

5. QRGL Marketing Inc. is not party to any association or agreement, expressed or implied, between the users of this transaction fulfilment service i.e. third parties. Said agreements include but are not limited to the content and materials created by the users. Any losses or damages caused by the interactions between third parties are, in no way connected to nor are they the responsibility of QRGL Marketing Inc. It follows that the liability of QRGL Marketing Inc. therefore, is exclusively limited to the provision of this transaction fulfilment service.

6. QRGL Marketing Inc. forbids any member to have multiple membership accounts. Accounts will be monitored closely to ensure no member has more than one membership account. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of the offender.

7. Further to the aforementioned limited liability of QRGL Marketing Inc., the company reserves the right to refuse to accept or to remove any content that it considers, at its sole discretion, to be objectionable or unacceptable as outlined in the following sub-clauses.   

* I.    No user of this service may use the name nor reproduce the Impact101 logo in its own material in any form whatsoever.

* II.    QRGL Marketing Inc. accepts no responsibility for the information provided by any campaign organizer using this service other than to expressly prohibit any income claims. Violation of this prohibition will be grounds for instant termination of the service.

* III.    QRGL Marketing Inc. will investigate any reports or complaints of illegal or harmful activities of any users of this service and liaise with applicable law enforcement authorities or investigative agents when necessary. The users could be campaign organizers, donors or any other third parties capable of using this service. 

Examples of reported activities which could prompt an investigation are:
* Misuse of donated funds
* Violations of any law or government regulation in the jurisdiction of the user or the defence of any person violating said laws.
* Misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent information or claims
* Any connection with substances deemed to be illegal in the user’s jurisdiction
* Any connection with any object capable of being used as a weapon
* Any activity associated with gambling, lotteries or sweepstakes
* Any activity capable of being interpreted as an unlicensed financial or investment service
* Any activity promoting pornography or paedophilia
* Any activity promoting violence or terrorism
* Any activity which could potentially harm others
* Or any error or omission in the content or material created by any third parties which could be interpreted as a violation of any of the foregoing prohibited conditions

8. QRGL Marketing Inc. may or may not suspend the service used by a person or organization during an investigation.  In the event that it is found that a user has violated any of the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein, QRGL Marketing Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice, to terminate the user’s service.  
    * I.    Termination may include deactivation or possible deletion of the user’s account and all related information and files.
    * II.    De-activation includes a bar on the access to the aforementioned information and files as well as the use of this service.
    * III.    Further, users agree that QRGL Marketing Inc. will not be liable to any third party for any termination or  barring  of access to its services.

Latest update: January 11, 2019